CULTURECulture field

We provide foreigners with support for from Japanese language education to job hunting.

We have already provided Japanese language education service to foreigners for 30 years. We also aim at achieving Japanese society in which people mutually respect diverse cultures through the introduction of human resources.

Japanese education business

Tokyo Institute of Japanese

Established in 1991 Providing Japanese language education services mainly for overseas students in Japan and people living abroad. Recently, demand is increasing for dispatching instructors to companies and universities adapting to globalization and for employment support programs for assisting students to work for Japanese companies.

Business of introducing foreign human resources

Peace Growba Co., Ltd.

People from all over the world create a society that works with a smile.

According to the survey results of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, at most hundreds of thousands of IT engineers will be in short supply in 2030. The lack of working population owing to declining birthrate and aging soceity in Japan is a great business challenge. We will support the expansion of your business opportunities and the establishment of your diversified company foundation through the introduction of excellent foreign human resources.