We pursue the happiness of all stakeholders and aim to become an enterprise group that will constantly grow.

We continue to contribute to society while creating new value that is useful for the world, pursuing employee happiness both physically and spiritually and sharing the management philosophies with the whole group as the spiritual support.


Action agenda

  1. Fulfill social standards, comply with legal regulations and conduct business fairly.
  2. Quickly respond to customer demand and provide unique and high-quality products through innovation and ingenious technology development.
  3. Earn acknowledgement as trustworthy management from society by flexibly addressing environmental changes and maintaining continuous profitability and appropriate distribution.
  4. Pursue high-quality business by thoroughly committing to a hands-on approach and executing uninterrupted improvement.
  5. Provide a workplace where people can grow for a healthy and steady life, develop their abilities and form mature personalities.
  6. Conduct business while considering our global environment.
  7. Perform trustworthy and impressive transactions to share the joy of success with customers by performing appropriate transactions.

Vision of human resources

“Image of human resources being sought”

  1. Helpful for customers (and therefore the world)

    Human resources who can empathize with our philosophy of being a company that does good in the world and provides our products and services from the customer’s viewpoint at all times
  2. Act in good faith

    Human resources who can earn trust from everyone and be virtuous by being sincere and acting with moral values
  3. Create new things

    Human resources who can adapt to environmental changes, create new values and suggest/make improvements
  4. Utilize teams by utilizing individuals

    Human resources who can utilize the characteristics of members and improve by learning from each other to maximize the team results
  5. With joy, fun and passion

    Human resources who can have pride in and take their own work very seriously as professionals

Personnel affairs policy

“What kind of system designing and operation we should aim for?”

  1. Our way of thinking about people: Create a good environment where people can cherish both their work and private life.

    We pursue happiness in both physical and spiritual aspects in life for our employees and their families, provide good work and create a good work environment where working is easy.
    To achieve the above, we secure offices, manage work time appropriately and develop systems that can enhance the potential and advantages of individuals.
  2. Organization and employment: We work to realize diversified employment and establish a system that can make the best use of individuality and skills.

    To address the drastically changing business environment, we maximize our organizational capability by employing diversified human resources and deploying them while making the best use of the characteristics and skills of individuals to obtain new awareness from different viewpoints than before.
    ※* What are diversified human resources? Human resources with broadly different characteristics including nationality, ethnicity, religion, native language, gender, LGBT, age, challenges and employment types.
  3. Evaluation and treatment: We offer treatment in accordance with business target achievement and assess fairly in accordance with the role.

    To achieve business targets, we clearly demonstrate what determines each individual’s assessment and what they should focus on as a system that will lead to their growth.
    We also distribute profits based on clear rules in accordance with the degree of business target achievement.
  4. Education/development: We provide opportunities for growth that extends the advantages of each individual.

    We equally provide opportunities for growth to each individual.
    We develop human resources who grow as people and members of society and are sought out through business operations, training opportunities and meeting and committee activities.