A company that does good in the world is a company that can make all stakeholders happy by providing goods and services with high added value.

We were established as a celluloid manufacturing company in 1925 and mainly run a business in the chemical technology field with expanded business operations, particular in the resin business, functional products business, and dispersion and coating business, which are presently our main businesses.

Changes in the environment surrounding businesses are drastic and we are in an era where companies can only survive by constantly producing new value. Under these circumstances, we have shifted to a holding company to enable quickly reacting to the markets and speedily deciding in order to provide much closer and more sensitive services.

We would like to pursue the happiness of all stakeholders as an enterprise group having independent business units, each one of them producing unique value, based on our pillar of spirits that are stated as our three management philosophies: Be a company who does good in the world; cherish people; consider thoroughly with joy and fun and take action.

The Taisei Group with 90 years of history is now transforming.

Representative director Shunichi Tokura