Group Company


Taisei Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

Business Plan, design, produce and sell acrylic resin and landscape-related and environmental products
Address [Head office and plant]
Asahi Kamakazu Industrial Park, 9163-19, Kamakazu, Asahi City, Chiba Prefecture 289-2505
● Resin Division
Phone: 0479-64-2077 Fax: 0479-64-2288

[Sales office and laboratory]
3-5-1, Nishi-Shinkoiwa, Katsushika Ward, Tokyo 124-8535
● Resin Division
Phone: 03-3691-3111 Fax: 03-3691-3160
● Function Product Division
Phone: 03-3691-3112 Fax: 03-3691-3035

Taisei Kako Co., Ltd.

Business Plan, design, produce and sell dispersion and coating material, paint and ink
Address Shinizumi 12, Narita City, Chiba Prefecture 286-0825
● Dispersion and Coating Division
Phone: 0476-36-2241 Fax: 0476-36-1565

Tokyo Institute of Japanese

Business Japanese language school, Japanese language teacher dispatch, Japanese language educational material development
Address 1-17-10, Shinkoiwa, Katsushika Ward, Tokyo 124-0024
Phone: 03-5607-4100 Fax: 03-5607-4102