Chemical Quest
- Quest for new chemical materials and
unprecedented functions -
We offer a better tomorrow through materials,
products and goods.

Taisei Holdings Group has been polishing our technologies in the chemistry field for over 90 years. In the chemistry field, we are developing our business with the resin business that adds functionalities in various fields, the function product business that provides insect repellent products and landscape improvement paving materials developed from unique ideas, and the dispersion and coating business that offers dispersion and special coating materials applicable to nano structures. These three business divisions pursuing chemical materials and developing materials, products and goods will satisfy the demands of the present age and customers.

Resin business

Taisei Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

Broad development based on familiar products that support your life such as printing and packaging materials to products that create the future such as electronics materials and functional resin materials. Suggesting functional resin materials using our unique polymerization technologies and continuing our contribution to developing our future society.

Function product business

Taisei Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

Working on creating unique products for our well-being and food safety such as paving materials that enhance exterior landscapes, flooring materials that are highly durable and heat-resistant as required for food factories, and insect repellent systems that prevent insects attracted by light from contaminating products as foreign matter contamination prevention measures.

Dispersion and coating business

Taisei Kako Co., Ltd.

Merging cutting-edge processing technologies such as nano structure dispersion based on the design technologies acquired over years and providing future generation dispersion and processing intermediate functional materials that can broaden new possibilities. Broadly supporting the business from research prototypes to multi-kind and small-quantity production.