1914 Founded Fukami Celluloid Industrial Co.,Ltd.
1920 Renamed Taisei Celluloid Co., Ltd.
1925 Established Taisei Celluloid Co., Ltd. in Nihonbashi Ward (present-day Chuo Ward) Tokyo
1928 Built celluloid factory in Katsushika-Kamihirai (Stopped manufacturing celluloid in 1967)
1934 Renamed Taisei Kako Co., Ltd.
1959 Start of manufacturing color chips (high-grade processed pigment)
1960 Start of manufacturing Acrit (acrylic resin)
1962 Capital increased to 45 million yen
1971 Built bowling pin factory in Noda City, Chiba (Stopped production in 1974)
1979 Established Taisei Research Institute
1982 Built coating material production facility in Narita City, Chiba
1987 Built headquarters building
1991 Built acrylic resin factory in Asahi City, Chiba
1997 Acquired 25,000m2 of land for industrial use in Hikata Town in the Katori District, Chiba
2001 Branched out the function product business and started business as Taisei E&L Co., Ltd.
2004 Branched out the resin business and started business as Taisei Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
2016 Merged the function product business unit Taisei E&L Co., Ltd. with Taisei Fine Chemical Co., Ltd
Ended production and sales of color chips (solid dispersion)
2017 Branched out the dispersion and coating business and started business as Taisei Chemical Industries, Ltd. (Headquarters: 12 Shin-Izumi, Narita City, Chiba)
Renamed Taisei Holdings Co., Ltd. and shifted to a holding company